Maisie Beggan

Maisie is a 20 year old performer, musician and teacher from Swindon. She is currently in her final year, studying BA music at Bath Spa University, going on to complete her PGCE next year. Maisie is a multi instrumentalist, playing the Flute, Piano and Singing. Maisie has been involved in a number of musical theatre productions including Les Misérables (2018) and Grease (2019) at the Barn Theatre and Legally Blonde (2020) at the Theatre Royal Bath.

Why do you do what you do?

Whenever I’m lacking motivation or just feeling a bit sad, music is the thing that I go to. I do it primarily for myself, but then it also ends up being for others which is the best bit!

What’s your role in SparkFest?

MUSICAL THEATRE TIME TRAVEL: I have independently created this project all by myself, creating the backing tracks, learnt the songs and editing it all together. It is a celebration of musicals throughout time, starting in 1964 and ending all the way in 2021!