A five-week celebration of the creative work from students,
alumni, partners and our collaborators at
Bath Spa School of Music and Performing Arts.

100 + Performances

Every year we offer five-weeks of incredible live and digital experiences from an exciting range of creative disciplines. We invite you to watch our live performances, enjoy our online digital experiences and debate in our panel events. There are so many ways to get involved!

Continuously empowering emerging creatives

Alongside our annual festival, we work throughout the year to provide a warm and welcoming home for emerging creatives to give and receive support. We're proud of our community and what we achieve, together.

5 Weeks

When you need hope, new ideas, joy, reflection, purpose or just a big belly laugh... that’s what SparkFest is all about! And there's five weeks of it every single year.

Creating opportunities for you to support local creatives

Help empower and support our young Sparkfest performers and creatives to forge forward in their professional careers.

Every ticket sold will include a 50p donation to NewSparks. Find out more about NewSparks here.

In the Spotlight

Featuring upcoming events, behind the scenes stories and conversations with creatives. 

Our Alumni Team