Lior Aya Borochov-Hutchings

Headshot of artist with neck-length brown hair, dark eyes and a v-neck black top. Dark backdrop behind.

SarkFest Event: Plural Singularity

Role: Director and Producer

Lior is an interdisciplinary Artist and director working within the fields of performance and visual Arts, she holds a BA in Art and an MA in Dance from Bath Spa University.

Her works attempt to merge process and product, play and outcome, in order to engage with the human condition and find balance within the chaos.

Lior was raised by multicultural parents, growing up between Israel and England. Juggling a multicultural identity impacted her work deeply and urged her to examine ideas such as culture and belonging.

Lior draws from her personal life and unfolds it in an abstracted form into her art, deconstructing feelings and experiences, removing and reinstalling the personal from her work and blurring the line between private and public.

She sees medium as a flexible aid and integrates Dance, Performance Art, Visual Art and on occasion Poetry, Music, installation and Graphics.

Lior hopers that her Art will move and provoke, helping us to face all parts of our self as individuals and as a society.