Lauren James Howells

Lauren is an actor, singer, and producer from Cardiff. After working in ensemble theatre, voice and movement, she co-founded Jury's Out Theatre Company, a collective of female and non-binary theatre-makers. Lauren's passion for ensemble work comes from her training as an opera singer and her work at Boomtown Fair with the Invisible Circus, where she lives in Old Town as a Witch for a week every August. She currently works as a Film and TV production accountant.

Why do you do what you do?

Imbedded in Jury’s Out is a collaborative effort to champion women’s voices in the creative industry. There are currently 12 of us, actors, directors, writers, composers- the lot. I love the way a strong, passionate ensemble can make me feel, both as a participator and an audience member – and I think the more that that ensemble can be included in the entire creative process, the better the work is for it. We work collaboratively from the very beginning, with no hierarchy. I get a genuine buzz from it- working with such a creatively diverse team of women. Taylor Bond and I co-founded the company after working in several ensembles together, really we just gave ourselves the chance to be in a fantastic network of creatives and create the work we love at the same time.

What’s your role in SparkFest?

SparkFest will be Jury’s Out Theatre Company’s first opportunity to showcase work!

Our show Aunt Flo’s School for Girls will be streaming on Wednesday 19th May 6 pm and Sunday the 6th June 7pm. It’s a sketch comedy show tackling the taboo surrounding women’s health problems and the relationships women have with their bodies and each other, written by our cast from their own lived experiences and also those of the 80+ women and menstruators who told us their stories. Find out more @jurysouttheatre. 

You can also find me in Victoria Park on the Echoes app in ‘A Moving Grove’ on Saturday 22nd May as the Messenger and Starveling in this interactive Shakespearean mash-up!