Jodi Kristjanson

Jodi Kristjanson is a 2020 graduate of Drama Studio London. She has a particular love for classical theatre and physical theatre, as well as radio drama. In addition to being an actor, Jodi is a pianist, singer, and dancer and this year, she has also been teaching musical theatre. She is honoured to be working with Andraste&Co. to share stories and bring attention to such an important topic, especially in a time when those in unsafe homes are made even more vulnerable due to the pandemic. Jodi’s love of acting is rooted in her love of good, human stories, and through her work in Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea she hopes to learn from and embody her character and give expression to her story. Some of her recent film and theatre credits include Amy Evans in Hallmark’s A Winter Getaway, Margery in The Country Wife, Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Isabella in Measure for Measure.

What’s your role in SparkFest?

Jodi is a part of Andraste&Co Theatre Company’s ‘Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea’, acting in the monologue ‘Bloody Mary’.