Jacky Crosher

Professional headshot of Jacky Crosher


Director – A Moving Grove.

Jacky is co-founder, director and dramaturg for Fire and Air Theatre.

Jacky trained as a circus theatre performer at NCCA, Circomedia and Gaulier’s in Paris. She has many years’ experience working in the industry as an aerialist, performer and director with many groups such as: No Fit State Circus; Skinning the Cat; Two Fivers; Pirates of The Carabiner; Cirque Bijou; Welfare International. She has been a programme leader at the two leading UK circus schools and co-runs Hinged Theatre Co. Jacky completed an MA in Directing Theatre in 2021. Recently she directed a devised show with 3rd year BA students, at NCCA and Jacksons Lane Arts Centre.