Esther Warren

Esther Warren is a Acting graduate from Bath Spa University and prior has trod the boards of countless village halls and school auditoriums. The stage always represented a blessed escape from the self — an hour or two in which one could endeavour to be literally anyone else. Now she is less interested in the transformative effects of theatre on the stage and more in its potential to affect change in those watching. In 2016 she co-founded BlackDog Productions and has worked as actor, director, and sound & lighting designer across their plays. Howl, the company's debut production, gave her the opportunity to tackle themes that were truly personal. Since then, she's been seeking out work with the same level of truth. She hopes to bring perspective to the company of Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea and receive different perspectives in kind. I am excited to work with such talented and generous practitioners and look forward to being challenged personally and artistically as we create together.

What’s your role in SparkFest?

Esther is a part of Andraste&Co Theatre Company’s ‘Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea’, acting in the monologue ‘Black Licorice’. As well as Momentum Act’s Othello Online as Roderigo.