BA Dance and BA Music present Display (24 May)

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Tuesday 24 May - 1pm - 5pm

This collection of dance performances is a collaboration with second year BA Dance and BA Music, made especially for the Michael Pennie Gallery, Locksbrook Campus. Taking Links between visual, sonic and kinetic as a starting point, the work explores patterns of behaviour and ways of viewing in the former furniture factory which is now home to the University’s art school.

Michael Pennie Gallery, Bath, BA1 3EL


Pneuma – 1pm and 3pm (10 tickets available).

Created and performed by Milena Paccani, Milly Tidmarsh and Milo Godwin-Coombs.

The Greek myth of Eros, Psyche, and Aphrodite is retold and performed from a modern-day perspective through the medium of contemporary dance. Displaying both the manipulation between Aphrodite and Psyche and the desire between Eros and Psyche. The unfolding of this story is supported by a sensorially immersive soundscape.

Get out – 1:20pm and 3:20pm (10 tickets available).

Created and performed by Liam O’Connell, Thea Housman and Izzy Avey-Waters. Co-created with Alice Chapman.

This is an immersive space, feel free to move around the room… Just a side note, please leave us alone and get out.

Recontextualised Six – 1:40pm and 3:40pm (20 tickets available).

Choreographed and performed by Harrison Yafai and Phoebe Moss. Music by Lily Pardoe.

An exploration of the number six developed within the eyes of movement and music.

Coalescence – 2pm and 4pm (25 tickets available).

Created and performed by Colin Smith, Amber Hobbs, Daisy Prout and Danielle Gregory.

A dance work responding to the qualities of both a space and an instrument through an exploration and fusion of resonating dance styles.

Hour 984.. – 2:20pm and 4:20pm (25 tickets available).

Created and performed by Calypso Powell, Louis Green, Emily Hunt and Emma Imossi.

Another hour goes by since they were taken from their homes.

Can they get out?

Will they ever get out? 

All they have left is each other.

Typical noise – 2:40pm and 4:40pm (10 tickets available).

Choreographed and performed by Edwina Pereira and Alice Chapman. Sound design: Olive Whitmore.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” –  Nikola Tesla.

Immerse yourself in a sonic exploration of the body and mind’s embodiment of sound. Audience will be prompted to move to watch from different angles.

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