Chen Yin

Performance shot of Chen Yin moving around a dark space


Chen Yin is a dancer and choreographer from China, currently studying at MA Dance in Bath Spa, I have had a rich experience of studying different contemporary dance techniques such as Chinese dance, Chinese folk dance, ballet, contact improvisation, Martha Graham, floor technique and many more. My movement is not limited to one form of movement, I like to renew my body from time to time and explore more possibilities of movement. I also have a rich experience in performance and have performed in different countries (China, Germany) with artists from different disciplines. I have worked with architecture, installations, environments, museums and more. I enjoy interdisciplinary collaborations with different disciplines, using my different knowledge backgrounds to diversify my work and explore more possibilities.

My approach to performance is not limited to traditional theatre, but I am exploring the relationship between the audience and the theatre, what is theatre and what role should the audience play? Where does the responsibility of the choreographer lie? How can I use interdisciplinary collaboration to promote dance to the public? These questions have made my approach to performance more inclusive and have led me to the belief that "performance can be anywhere, be it a corridor, a bar or a gallery.”