BA Acting Showcase Three: 14th June

The third in a three-part series of short films created by our graduating acting students, who have worked tirelessly in exceptional circumstances to explore the collaborative process of making new performances, either from an existing text or entirely new work. You will see a wide range of practice and diverse creative approaches that reflect their unique artistic interests and commitment to engaging audiences in themes of contemporary significance. Find out about each of the pieces below.

Showcase Three premieres on the 14th June and is available to watch here Here.

Showcase Breakdown

Love Algorithm

Love Algorithm is a dating show with a twist, we use our modern algorithm to help historical singletons find their perfect match. With the help of modern technology, the hindrance of their historical pals and sometimes themselves, our couples search for true love. Our first couple in this series are the famous star crossed lovers themselves. Will they find their soulmate or will they find that sometimes fate fails.

I don’t know how to be sexy!

See what happens when a sex therapist Margy Burrito takes on a challenging cult escapee Debrah Mead in just 3 sessions! Will Margy be able to transform Debrah or is Debrah just too much to handle?

Follow The Sun

“As I stood and watched the mists slowly rising this morning, I wondered what view was more beautiful than this” – Hal Borland

To Be or Not to Be in Amor

To Be or Not to Be in Amor brings together Shakespeare, Spain, language and love in a three part radio rom-com. Join us for part one of Billie’s story, as she and best friend Anna embark on their girl’s holiday to Barcelona. Will they finally get the relaxing holiday they’ve been waiting for? Or will the sun-filled city disrupt the friendship all for the chance at Amor!


Inspired by the mentality of lockdown and the feeling of being trapped. This one-man interpretation of the famous Shakespearean tragedy explores the extremes of how isolation can affect the human condition


Aspiring Secret Agent McKenna takes on a mammoth task after JD can’t find anyone else to complete the mission. Will the lack of training and nuance be her downfall? Will she successfully complete the mission?

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