BA Acting Showcase One: 17th May

The first in a three-part series of short films created by our graduating acting students, who have worked tirelessly in exceptional circumstances to explore the collaborative process of making new performances, either from an existing text or entirely new work. You will see a wide range of practice and diverse creative approaches that reflect their unique artistic interests and commitment to engaging audiences in themes of contemporary significance. Find out about each of the pieces below.

Showcase One premiered on the 17th May and is available to watch again Here.

Showcase Breakdown

Locked Down

Describe myself in three words?” “Manly. Pickle. Bonfire.” So it’s been about 5 years since the virus hit and, ooh, it’s been busy… From Beyoncé being President of Florida, and Margaret Thatcher back in No. 10; to colonising Mars and buying new curtains: Yeah, a lot has changed during lockdown

Dr Fontaine

Dr Fontaine – Eight week guide to isolated Joy is a short film entirely shot over Zoom, telling the story of five strangers over lock – down. A group of four young adults attend an unorthodox eight week therapy course in order to tackle lock – down loneliness, led by unlicensed practitioner Dr Fontaine.

The Sock Thief

Welcome to this world of magic, this world of mischief. Discover where your socks go missing, and our friend the Sock Thief

You & Me

Chris and Jane’s relationship is reaching breaking point, until they’re given a chance to try again… and again…. and again.

A Cold Winter’s Night or The Tragic Tale of Ryan O’Donnell

Is it ever possible to make up for the mistakes of our past? Julian will try to find out, on a cold winter’s night. He must reach the cottage of Ryan O’Donnell. He must save him.

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