As You Like It: 19th – 20th June

A digital performance showing on the 19th June (cast A.) and 20th June (cast B.). See cast details below.

The magical forest of Arden is the play’s famous setting, where a gallery of eccentric characters comes together to find love, fortune, redemption…and themselves. Banished from the court by her deceitful and treacherous uncle, Rosalind disguises herself as a boy, not knowing that the man she loves, also on the run, is behind the next tree.

Shakespeare’s enticing tale of mistaken identity, heartfelt romance, and the endearing fumbles and foibles of love.

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Cast A. (Both performances on Saturday 19th June)

OrlandoLuke Ireland
Duke F/Duke SJoshua Walker
Charles/SilviusHarry Jackson
RosalindLaura Finnemore
CeliaIsabella Tofts
Olivia/JacqueCharlotte Farrer
Alden/La Beu/PhoebeTalitha Morrish

Cast B. (Both performances on Sunday 20th June)

OrlandoHarrison Meredith
Duke F/Duke SChristopher Wootton
Charles/SilviusJordan Amos
RosalindOlivia Beard
CeliaPoppy Ward
Olivia/JacqueMaya Hingorani
Alden/La Beu/PhoebeAlice Arthur
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