Alexandra Wollacott

Alex is a Bristolian actor, movement director, facilitator, dancer and drag king who is graduating shortly from Bath School of Music and Arts. Alex has co-founded two exciting theatre companies; Inkbloc Ensemble, and From Rags to Witches. She works regularly with The egg assembly, the Bristol Old Vic and the Tobacco Factory’s outreach department, nurturing young people’s creativity and theatrical exploration.

Why do you do what you do?

I live for art that makes a difference, social change, and stirs up a rebellious response. I also live for art that serves no purpose other than to annoy and make a big fat mess. I live for all forms of theatre, and seeing the light and creativity that it can stir within an individual, is a magic worth investigating. There’s a reason plays are called plays, because they bring a lightness and fun and escapism from reality. 

What’s your role in SparkFest?

I’m in 3 productions: first, SUPER SPREADER is a mockumentary style comedy that my theatre company have created- we explore drag, outrageous love stories and loneliness. I’m really proud of the team for this one, we’ve never made a film before! I did the marketing for this project and was a driver for the project.

MOTHER TONGUE: directed by the incredible wardrobe ensemble. I got to live out my ‘Miranda Priestly’ fantasy by playing a big boss in this dynamic production. I did a bit of movement choreography in this piece which was a great challenge to make exciting movement within the 2m distance rule. 

OTHELLO ONLINE: I have an ensemble role in this classical piece. Which has been transformed into a social media scavenger hunt!